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Nothing lasts forever, especially the technology we use today. In a perfect world I would be healthy, strong (climbing mountains) and working a full-time job. But such is not the case. Most of you reading this already know this about me. I make do with what I have and I’m thankful for the support and love of my family. But those two things won’t help me buy a new camera (essential for photographing my art), a laptop to replace the slowly dying one I’m typing from right now, upgrade my art supplies, or invest some much needed funds into my Etsy Shop. Let’s be honest too, the economy is not in my favor. What’s an artist to do?


IndieGoGo is platform that let’s creative folk raise money for something they feel passionate about, like my art. I’ve seen a few other artists accomplish amazing fundraising through IndieGoGo, as well as organizations raising funds for large scale projects. But I don’t get off easy. I’m not sitting back while people donate money to help a starving artist. When you contribute to my project you get a 12 month subscription of art cards (a.k.a. ACEOs or ATCs). These are original watercolor paintings the size of a baseball card. They are very collectible and make great accent pieces when framed in sets.

IndieGoGo Art Cards ACEOSubscriptions cost $20.00! I’ll let you do the math. Twelve original artworks, in your mailbox each month, for only $20.00. 😉

Sign up is easy and payment is made through Paypal. My campaign ends August 11, 2011, so that’s plenty of time to give it some thought (if you’re not already sold on the idea).

Visit my Campaign Page for the all details, including a full breakdown on how I plan to use the contributions: