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I promised a post on my new watercolor paints, comparing the student grade with the professional grade. I had every intention of posting about these amazing paints, but then disaster struck in Japan. The devastation threw me, more so because Japan had already been in my thoughts. Holbein is a Japanese brand. You wouldn’t think it from the name, but it’s true. Holbein Ltd. Works formed in the early 1900’s, in Japan. At the time I researched this information I thought to myself I should have bought American. Not out of prejudice, but for our economy.

Then the earthquake hit and then the tsunami. The world has witnessed, what seems like numerous natural disasters in the past few years. Most of us have not seen this type of destruction in our lifetime, but it’s nothing new for the planet. The problem lies in the choices we’ve made as a species. We use Nuclear Power. There are huge risks to using Nuclear Power, especially when those power plants are built in earthquake prone areas.

This too is nothing new. Humans are one of the few species on this planet that will build its homes on cliffs prone to mudslides, live at the foot of volcanoes or along rivers known for devastating floods. We easily forget these are dangerous or sometimes uninhabitable areas. And now, with our world population so great, where would we go?

We are also a resilient species, capable of adapting to the harshest conditions and coming together to help one another in times of darkest need. I caught a clip on NPR this morning from a Japanese official. He described the fortitude of the Japanese people and how this event mimics past events in their history–life changing events that hallmarked great changes in their culture and society. They are an incredibly strong people, but also a humble people. He went on to say we must have respect for Nature–not everything is in our control.

I hope Japan finds a way to contain this nearing nuclear disaster. My gut says they will, but there is the possibility this is out of anyone’s control. I also hope this will urge our world to take more seriously alternative forms of energy. We must find a way to live without destroying our planet.