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An email came through last night, minutes before I packed things up for bed. I glanced at the sender only briefly and decided it could wait till morning. If I had opened the email last night I might have been up for another hour. 😀 Society6, an online venue for artists to sell prints, works with partners and outside companies to market some incredible art. One of my SciFi fractals has been chosen for a special collection!

Congrats! We’re excited to let you know that Gawker Artists has selected your Print “Into the Abyss” to be included in the io9 collection of the Gawker Artists Shop located at shopartists.gawker.com.

Don’t forget to share the great news with your friends and fans using the following link:

Yes, the i09 collection at Gawker Artist!!

Into the Abyss SciFi Fractal by Amanda Makepeace

I can’t express how exciting this is for me. The io9 collection!! Their tagline is:

A collection for the Sci-Fi geek in all of us.

You can see the entire collection here:


I’m on page 5 (which also happens to be my favorite number). 😀