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Wednesday has been a blur. I started the day with a doctor’s appointment for some random, mysterious pains in my abdomen. I’ve been having them for about a month now. Yes, I should have gone to the doctor sooner, but I’m just so tired of doctors. She’s not sure quite sure what it might be. The two leading possibilities are Kidney Stones and scars from my gall bladder surgery interfering with the movement of my intestines. Pleasant, I know. LOL I do have some good news to share. My blood pressure was, for the first time in over a year, a decent number (128/80). I’ve been very tense the past month, so it was a bit of a surprise.

My online presence is still sporadic while I try to reorganize my art and shops (the source of my tension), but you can still follow me for the times when I am sharing articles on writing, books, new art and cat antics. However, I do not auto-follow on Twitter. I don’t even get notices for when someone follows me. So if you do start following, say hi and I will follow back. Unless, you are a spammer. Then I will send my attack cat after you. 😉

Upcoming Reviews:

Wilder’s Mate – I finished reading the ARC late last night. Oh. My. God. Bree did warn me this was more. . . just more. Review to come on Friday!

I’m also about half way through with Burn Down the Sky and may have a review for it next week.

New Art:

Nest of Stone Watercolor Nature Painting The Spice Fractal Art Conception Free Fractal Wallpaper

Click on the images to see larger views.


How to Write Great Fiction – is a great post I found at RedBubble, with videos from amazing authors on writing.