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Another week has come and gone. I haven’t been able to blog much this week, so here are a few random tidbits for you to enjoy or completely ignore.

One Pebble Project

Can you make out the image above? It says, March 1st Start Posting 1 Pebble Each Day on Blog. But I’m not referring to this blog. Have you heard of the One Pebble Project?

Barb Wire Fence and the Fog

I wish I knew more about photography. I love taking images like this one, but it’s best I keep it a hobby, otherwise it might consume my life.


You might recall from an old post, on my old blog that my daughter and I attended an origami class at the Athens-Clarke County Library. Well I’m pleased to announce she is still folding paper. How’s that for random!

Other random news:

~ I’m no longer going to maintain my Facebook Fan page. You can all just friend me if you like, or not. 😀

~ I’m no longer just a reader of books, I have graduated to Beta Reader. 😉

~ Yes, I’m thinking of cutting my very very very long hair. But no, I’m not cutting it very very very short. It will remain below my shoulders. I only mention this here because it has garnered a lot of attention on Facebook. 😛