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Thanks to the wonderful folks at Harper Voyager I am reading a new post-apocalypse novel, Burn Down the Sky by James Jaros. I had a feeling this book was right up my alley of obsessive reading, and I was right. Last night I read the first sixty pages, and very much wanted to keep reading. Intense! First impressions? It reminds me of Mad Max and The Reapers are the Angels. Here are more details from the publisher:

Burn Down the Sky by James JarosBurn Down the Sky

After the destruction of nature and the death of the world . . .

After the Wicca virus drove billions to madness and suicide, replacing order and reason with violence and terror . . .

In the parched ruins of what once was civilization, one commodity is far more valuable than all others combined: female children.

When well-armed marauders roll in at dusk to brutally attack a fiercely defended compound of survivors, Jessie is unable to halt the slaughter—and she can do nothing to prevent the ruthless abduction of innocents, including her youngest child. Now, along with her outraged teenage daughter, Bliss, Jessie must set out on a journey across a blasted landscape—joining up with the desperate, the broken, the half-mad, on an impossible mission: to storm the fortress of a dark and twisted religion and bring the children home.

On sale: 4/26/2011