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The Sixth Winter by Douglas Orgill and John GribbinThe winter this year and last night’s snow reminded me of a book I read last year, but neglected to add to my Goodreads library.  I purchased it at the Athens-Clark County Library book sale. 🙂 The Sixth Winter by Douglas Orgill and John Gribbin was published in 1979. Here’s the description from the back cover:

For five years, each winter has been colder, longer, icier. For the first time in centuries, packs of hungry wolves are roaming in from the wilderness, ferociously attacking anyone in their path. Huge tornadoes of ice known only to the Eskimos as the legendary Dancers, swoop down on the northern hemisphere, leaving enormous glaciers in fields, rivers, and cities.

For years, American scientist Dr. William Stovin has been warning people, including the President, that these catastrophic weather changes are moving south. Now snow is engulfing the United States. Ice covers skyscrapers. Cities must by evacuated. Worldwide starvation is imminent. Another ice age is devastating the earth. It’s the sixth winter.

The book might be a little out-of-date for some folks, but I enjoyed it a lot. As I read it, I imagined would it might have been like if that had happened in 1978/79, when I was only 2-3 years old. If you enjoy science fiction that blends science and myth, with a dash of the apocalypse, find a copy and curl up by the fire to read this book.