Yes. It has snowed again in Georgia, the state that rarely sees any snow. And like the nut I am, I was out taking photographs before the sun came up.

Snow in the pre-dawn hour.

Snow in the pre-dawn hour.

Magical Snow Tree

Photographing in this light makes everything magical.

Then the light began to change…


The sun is making its way above the tree line.

Treking through the snow.

I trekked through the snow to fill the bird feeders too.

Sunlight, Snow and Trees

Sunlight, Snow and Trees are a wonderful combination.

Our Sweetgum Tree is glistening.

Our Sweetgum Tree is glistening.

Snow covered bird's nest.

The birds have a busy day ahead of them, with all their nests covered. I had to shovel out the handmade basket feeder for the second time this year. All this snow really is unheard of in the South. When compared to the North’s winter, it’s nothing, but it’s far from normal. I can’t help but think this is a sign of winters to come. What we think of as abnormal (in both the North and the South) could very well become the norm.