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I finished another side read last night. Side reads are books I can finish quickly, they are a break from my current read and often a stress reliever. This week’s side read was from on of my favorite authors, Moira Rogers. You may have seen me mention them once or twice. 😉 They are a writing duo of Urban Fantasy Romance (leaning toward erotica). I’ve had the pleasure of chatting now and again with Bree through Twitter (she’s a fan of my fractals). In 2009 I was lucky enough to read an ARC of Crux, the first book in the Southern Arcana series. I was lucky again 2010 to read the ARC of book two, Crossroads. This time around I decided it was high time I bought one of their books. LOL I purchased the latest in the series, Deadlock, from Kobo and read it on my iPhone. This is is my mini review I posted to Goodreads.

Deadlock by Moira RogersI don’t read Romance, even Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance. But there is something about this series that keeps me coming back for more. There’s something about the writing style of this duo that speaks to me, and let’s me escape this world without a second thought. No, these are not books to read if you want to ponder the meaning of life. They are the ultimate escape, fantasy and fast paced adventure. Deadlock by far, was the most emotional, featuring a protag who evolved more than all the previous characters from the Southern Arcana series. I pray they keep writing for this series!! (You hear me Bree?!)

Musings on Writing:

Are you going to participate in Story a Day this year? If so, I recommend signing up for their Creativity Lab. If you do it today you still may receive (for FREE) the Time to Write Workshop; which includes a PDF Workbook and two PDF Worksheets. I’ve go mine. 😉

Musings on Art:

Voting has begun at EBSQ for the January online exhibits. I’m in two shows, the Fractal Show (duh!) and the Below the Earth show. And the entries:

From the Deep Fractal Art Power Source Steampunk Fractal Art The Flame Mandelbrot Fractal Art Poseidon's Puzzle Steampunk Fractal Art Infinite Worlds Fractal Art Ginger Original Still Life Watercolor Painting

Vote for me? 😀