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I had one of those light bulb moments a few months back–create a fractal challenge where all the fractal artists at EBSQ could have fun and create something new, together. This idea gave birth to the EBSQ Fractal Challenge. Each artist works from the same starter flame (this is an unfinished fractal–the starting point), being sure not to change the core of the fractal. They can only edit what is already present. Then we all shared what we created at the EBSQ Forums. Here is the original flame:

January Fractal Flame


And here are the results:

Winter Wind Fractal Art by Christi Schwartzkopf

Winter Wind by Christi Schwartzkopf

Wind Flakes Fractal Art by Ruth Jamieson

Wind Flakes by Ruth Jamieson

Singularity Fractal Art by Ruth Jamieson

Singularity by Ruth Jamieson

Winter Bark Fractal Art by Ruth Jamieson

Winter Bark by Ruth Jamieson

Winter Vortex Fractal Art Carolyn Schiffhouer

Winter Vortex Carolyn Schiffhouer

Winter Winds Fractal Art by Amanda Makepeace

Winter Winds by Amanda Makepeace

Learn more about the EBSQ Fractal Challenge.

Please remember these images are copyright to the individual artists. Clicking on the image will take you to their EBSQ Portfolios where you can find purchasing and contact details.