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It’s been a long day, especially for a Monday. On top of errands and my daughter’s dentist appointment, I’ve been inserious pain all day. When I finally arrived home this afternoon and found a Think Geek Catalogue in my mail box, I realized Karma was on my side afterall. I was looking forward to spending the evening perusing it’s pages of geeky splendor.

Then the box arrived.

The box from California

As boxes go it was ordinary. What made it special was not only the mystery of what it might contain but the return address. See exhibit A below:

Exhibit A

That’s right. BBC/Warner Bros, in California!  Shall we see what was inside? 😉

BBC America DVDs

Awesome DVDs from BBC America!!! And more! Season 2 of Being Human (the UK version) has been at the top of my wishlist. Seeing it when I opened the box made me gasp! The other DVDs that made we squee were Sherlock (AWESOME), the 5th Season of Doctor Who (YAY!) and Life with David Attenborough (YES!!!).

Look at what I won!

I’m also secretly thrilled about the Top Gear DVD. I haven’t seen this show since moving back to the USA. All of these wonderful DVDs came from the BBC America Holiday Prize Pack; which I won via Geeks of Doom. Thank you so much!! 😀 Included with the DVDs was a British Flag Ornament and a wonderful necklace by Denise Disharoon. My daughter has staked claim to both, but promised to share the beautiful necklace.

Jewelry by Denise Disharoon


What a day. Now I have to decide which to watch first. 😀