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Our Country House

Hasn’t this been an interesting week? I received the call about an hour ago that school will be again closed tomorrow for Oconee County children. The University of Georgia is closed too, as well as Athens-Clark County schools. Have you ever tried to write, paint, draw, let along doodle when everyone is home? It’s like the holidays all over again. Or maybe this is just Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Amanda, take a break.”


Kitty Tracks

Tracks from the stray cats that stop by for a bite now and then.


The frozen remains of a Hibiscus bud.


Our Little Green Birdhouse

One of our large Sweetgum trees and a little green birdhouse.

Bird Tracks

Tracks from one of the dozens upon dozens of birds in our yard.

Happy Birds

I've been feeding the birds for a couple of months. They certainly needed it these past few days.


I've never seen so many cardinals all in one place. I've counted about 8 males at least.

Birds Everywhere

We've had Cardinals, Orioles, Brown Thrashers, Sparrows, Wrens, Nuthatches, and Chickadees.


This woodpecker didn't join in on the birdseed, but was out and about despite the weather.

The only one who didn’t enjoy the snow was Hunter, who felt he should have been allowed to play outside with all the birds.

Hunter wants to play.

Hunter wants to play.