When I receive a book to read, with the intention of writing a review, I always read the book. Always. So, this is a first–for me at least. I picked up Tooth and Nail by Craig Dilouie four times before I admitted defeat. I could not bring myself to read this book. Why? The writing.

There is a review on Amazon (which is a whole other subject) which gives a good summation:

Reading this is like reading a script, not a novel. Paraphrasing here: “Moody walks towards the classroom with his SAW slung low, ready for action. He hears a sound, scrabbling, from behind the door.” (R. Streno Roboticus)

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it put me to sleep every single time. My apologies Mr Dilouie!

My lack of enthusiasm for the book will most likely make little difference. If you look at the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads you will see a lot of people like Tooth and Nail. It has numerous 5 Star reviews.

**EDIT I’ve decided to retract my 1 Star. Not because I’ve changed my mind, but because well I didn’t finish book. I can’t truly give it a rating having only read a few chapters.