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A Walk in the Garden

1. It’s an investment that can be passed down through generations.

2. Original paintings make good conversation pieces at parties.

3. I’ll love you forever.

4. There’s no telling how much it will be worth one day.

5. I’ll officially name you my biggest fan.

6. This is the best time to buy since my prices are going to skyrocket next year.

7. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve helped support a living artist, not a dead one.

8. You can show off to all your friends and they’ll think your rich and cultured.

9. My paintings will increase your serenity and oneness with Nature, unless you’ve turned to the Dark Side–then I can’t help you.

10. Shadow, a.k.a. Attack Cat, insists you buy a painting. Really. 😉

Shadow, a.k.a. Attack Cat

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