Writing on Wednesday is my weekly feature for sharing great writing tips I’ve found around the web. As an aspiring writer I’m always open to advice from more experienced writers and authors. Many of the blogs I feature have invaluable advice, week after week. Feel free to share the posts you’ve found most helpful!

1. 10 Ways to Create a Plot Twist – If you haven’t already bookmarked T.N. Tobias’ blog, do it now! This is a post you want to bookmark or even print to keep in your notebook.

2. Five Writing Tips from Reading J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter – I couldn’t resist. Nathan Bransford takes a look at some of the tools Rowling implemented, and what make these books so brilliant.

3. Guest Post: K.M. Weiland – Author and editor, K.M. Weiland has a great feature at Sister’s in Scribe on finding inspiration and overcoming blocks.

4. Archetypes 101 – Another must read. Understanding archetypes is essential for every writer, in my opinion. I have an entire book on the subject! Kim Hudson offers a great introduction to the subject in the first of two guest posts at Writer Unboxed.

5. Mistakes are Future Tips – Howard Andrew Jones, over at Black Gate, has a interesting post on what he does with the first pages of his writing notebooks. I like this! I like it a lot! 😀