Writing on Wednesday is my weekly feature for sharing great writing tips I’ve found around the web. As an aspiring writer I’m always open to advice from other more experienced writers and often authors.


1. “So” Unnecessary – Valerie Kemp shares with us why there’s no need for the word “so” in narration. She’s right, of course.

2. Practical Magic for Writers – No, it’s not about lighting candles and burning incense. It’s the power of positive thinking.

3. Liquid Story Binder vs. Scrivener – T.N. Tobias breaks down the big names in Windows writing software. Yes, Scrivener isn’t only for Mac users now!

4. Writing Rules are Just Tools – Have you ever met anyone who said, “Don’t use adverbs, ever!” You probably have. They should read this post by Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner.

5. “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.~ Ernest Hemingway