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Author, Craig Dilouie approached me recently about his book Tooth and Nail, a story of the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of soldiers. I decided since I’ve been reading a bit of zombie fic lately, I might as well give this a try too.

Here’s a description from Goodreads:

As a new plague related to the rabies virus infects millions, America recalls its military forces from around the world to safeguard hospitals and other vital buildings. Many of the victims become rabid and violent but are easily controlled-that is, until so many are infected that they begin to run amok, spreading slaughter and disease. Lieutenant Todd Bowman got his unit through the horrors of combat in Iraq. Now he must lead his men across New York through a storm of violence to secure a research facility that may hold a cure. To succeed in this mission to help save what’s left of society, the men of Second Platoon will face a terrifying battle of survival against the very people they have sworn to protect-people turned into a fearless, endless horde armed solely with tooth and nail.

Book Facts:

Paperback, 258 pages
Published April 1st 2010 by Schmidt Haus Books (first published 2010)
Schmidt Haus is an imprint of Salvo Press, a small publisher headquarters in the Pacific Northwest. I like their slogan – The Microbrew of Publishing.
Author Craig Dilouie (from his website):

Craig DiLouie is a freelance marketing consultant and technical writer living in Calgary, Alberta.

He is the author of four nonfiction books, four novels—Paranoia, The Great Planet Robbery, The Thin White Line and Tooth and Nail—and hundreds of articles published in magazines, books and websites.

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I decided to accept a copy of Tooth and Nail for review after thoroughly enjoying Autumn by David Moody–a book that began it’s life as a self-published novel. There is a stigma about self-published books and small publishers, that they produce sub par novels, but I don’t think this is always the case. Tooth and Nail has received numerous positive reviews on Amazon, so why not give it a shot?