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Time for the second installment of photographs from this years Oconee County Fall Festival. Check out Part 1 if you missed it yesterday. I left you at the old Rocket field, over looking the tops of many white tents.

Inside was a maze of arts and craft stalls, typical festival foods (most of which I could not eat because my body is still adapting to the absence of a gall bladder), and in the distance the sounds of a Blues band.

I did break down and have a corn dog and a little bit of Italian Ice, and I paid for it the next day. LOL

The girls wanted to take a break in the shade, so while they relaxed with their snow cones and boiled peanuts I wandered. On my travels I found another Etsian! Ashley Karr of Tristabella. She had the most wonderful Day of the Dead scrabble pendants and bottle cap magnets.

From Ashley’s tent I made my way to the sounds of electric guitars. I don’t know who they were, but they weren’t half bad. The Blues are one of my favorite genres, so this made for an ever more perfect day.

The first tent I came to next was that of Matt Hope and his Georgia Clay art. Yes, clay. It was quite captivating. I did a simple search for on Google afterward but came up empty. There are many older artists in the Athens area who have zero online presence. I would have liked a chat with him, but he was talking with a customer and it did not appear to be ending any time soon.

Next, I met one of the broom brothers and had a bit of a laugh. I’m not often an outgoing person. I’ve been shy all my life; which later turned into less shyness and more quiet reflection. The day of the festival of I was twenty feet outside my shell. When I asked him if I could take his picture for my blog he asked, “Do I have to smile?” I said, “You could make a face if you want, or stick out your tongue. I don’t mind.” He laughed and I snapped my photograph. 😉

The girls were worn out by the time I returned so we caught a ride on the tractor and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the weather at Harris Shoals park. It was a beautiful day.