Writing on Wednesday is my weekly feature for sharing great writing tips I’ve found around the web. As an aspiring writer I’m always open to advice from other more experienced writers and often authors.

1. Time and Place for Backstory – Heather McCorkle has a simple, straightforward post on backstory every aspiring writer should read.

2. Bite your Tongue – When it comes to harsh critiques, negative feedback, rejections and the like, bite your tongue. This may seem like common sense but all writers face this at some point–the published and unpublished.

3. Character Arcs: How characters change – As Wade points out, character arcs area almost always present; whether we are conscious of them or not. When you take control of your character’s changes you can guide the plot more effectively. Read this post!

4. Things I try to Remember – A great list of writing tips from L.J. Boldyrev. We should all have a list like this one and keep it next to our computers or notebooks.

5. How Deliberate Practice can make you an Excellent Writer – I only found this post this morning but it is a gem, especially for aspiring writers.