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Today makes two weeks since my gall bladder surgery and I’m pleased to say the healing process is going well. I’m still a tiny bit sore, but it’s nothing I can’t ignore. The issue at the moment is my sleep, or lack thereof. No matter how I lay in bed something doesn’t feel right. Of course, I’m missing an organ! It feels as if everything inside my abdomen has shifted. I don’t like it. Not one bit. I’m assured in time this will pass but this doesn’t help me in the short term. Besides perpetual sleeplessness, life is slowly returning to normal. I don’t quite have the same stamina I did, yet, but that too will return.

Despite the set backs, I’ve been quite busy these past two weeks. I’ve read three Star Wars books:

Star Wars: Truce at Bakura Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor The Courtship of Princess Leia

I’m about to start a fourth, Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning. Yes, I’ve been on a Star Wars marathon of sorts. I don’t plan to review these books, they are simply for me to enjoy – though you may find the occasional comment on Goodreads.

This has been my night reading. My day reading was Handling the Undead by John Ajvide Lindqvist; which I finished and reviewed for LibraryThing. I’m waiting on a new book to arrive from them, Autumn by David Moody. In the meantime I’m reading Ice Land by Betsy Tobin.

On top of that I completed the digital painting, Green Eggs and Spam?! for the EBSQ 2010 Spam & Trout Show in record time. If you haven’t already do check it out and vote!!

Green Eggs and Spam?!

Green Eggs and Spam?!

I also managed to keep up with my posts for the EBSQ blog, except for one Friday Five Post I exchanged for the September Showcase. Whew! It’s hard to believe I really did all of that while stranded in my comfy red chair. Now it’s time to slowly get back to business. I’m planning new art. I have commissions to finish. And I want to write! 😉

My thanks go out to everyone who supported me and sent healing wishes and vibes my way over the last month. I’m lucky to have you all in my life.