Recovery is going well. I’m not ready for a day long trip or even for a shopping day at the mall with my daughter, but I did manage to hit the Oconee County Library Sale. We were there for about an hour before I began feeling sick – out of breath and aching stitches – but we still came away with a booty of treasure. My daughter found three books and we decided to get a huge cookbook for my mother. She’s been look at holiday recipes since we returned home. 😉

Here’s my booty:

Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest Book

I think I might have made a little noise when I found this in the YA section. Remember these?

Larry Niven Ringworld

I’m kicking myself now because there were a lot of Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy books and I didn’t have my wishlist on hand. Still I found a copy of Ringworld, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

Folklore of America

This book just looked interesting. The Navy School is Athens closed its doors recently and they gave their entire library to the Oconee Library – one reason this years sale was so huge. This book came from the Navy School Library. I’m thinking great research for writing?

Star Wars Books

Lastly, I found two Star Wars books. I’m on a Star Wars reading marathon, so these will come in handy! Have I said how much I love Library book sales? When books only cost $1 I lose all self control. 😉