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There were not a flood of entries for the 2010 Spam & Trout show, but the competition is stiff. It may seem pessimistic, but I don’t expect to win, and that’s okay. I won’t be buying anymore acrylics paints for a while, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be creating. 😉

Still, in case there is some chance in heaven, will you vote for me?

Green Eggs and Spam?!

Green Eggs and Spam?!

I’m amazed I was able to finish this digital painting in so little time. Painting in Photoshop is still something I’m learning, and I have so much to learn. Over the course of three days I slaved on this cross between Dr. Seuss and Film Noir.

Green Eggs and Spam Detail

And I did it all with only a mouse. I can only hope to have a Wacom Tablet one day! So, if you feel inclined you can find my entry here: