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My unexpected gall bladder surgery through a wrench into my September schedule. Instead of a Writing on Wednesday post you will have to settle for a digital painting Wip. The painting in questions is for the EBSQ Spam & Trout Show and I’m running out of time! I still think there’s a good chance I’ll be finished in time, so here’s a sneak peak at where I stand today:

Green Eggs and Spam? WIP

Green Eggs and Spam?

There’s still a lot to be done in this tongue and cheek painting, and despite having a few rough recovery days I’m giving it my all. Why is this so important? To be honest, there’s a cash prize and when you’re as poor as I am it’s difficult to ignore $150.00!! Boy could I use $150.00. It would be a huge help to my Christmas fund; which at the moment stands at zero.

Voting begins on Friday, at which time I will return and beg for your votes! 😉