I am blessed in having the most wonderful online friends I could have ever imagined. One of those is Colleen Mckie, writer and book lover of Lavender Lines. She received an e-certificate from Amazon.com and since she couldn’t use it being in Canada she decided to pass it along to me!! What a wonderful gift, especially during this down time as I recover from gall bladder surgery. Thank you, Colleen!! We were both under the impression the books would arrive early next week, but the cosmos decided to surprise us both:

As I type this my daughter is reading Brighid’s Quest by P.C. Cast. She’s more than halfway through the book and I expect she’ll be done before the sun sets. Maze Runner is also hers, but I may snag it later to read too. Good Girls is technically for her too, but I need to do some parental reading first. The books I chose are The Red Tree by Caitlin Kiernan, Lamentation by Ken Scholes and Ice Land by Betsy Tobin – all bargain books! I attempted to read The Red Tree twice now, checking it out from our local library, but became distracted by book reviews for publishers.  Each time I tried to renew it someone else had put a hold on the book. Now I have a copy all my own!

Which book to read first…?