Surgery sucks. It’s especially unpleasant when pain medications make you ill. So, you can imagine what my first day at home as been like. I’m managing as well as I can, but wow the pain! I now have some sense of what recovery from surgery was like before the advent of pain medications. To think mine was only a “simple” surgery too.

On the subject of simple, it turns out when they opened me up they discovered a gall stone had in fact blocked my bile duct. No wonder I was in agony all week. I’m lucky I did not have an acute attack, but it also meant my surgery was longer (and included more incisions). Wake up time was longer as well and I was at the hospital all day. I won’t tell you the other gross and awful bits. πŸ˜‰

That’s all for now. I’m going to lay back in my red chair, the only place I find comfortable, and heal. Thank you for all the well wishes!