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Last month I began writing a short story. It should have only taken me a week or two to complete, but as usual life enjoys throwing me as many lemons as it can. The most troublesome has been my health. For the last 3 months I’ve been dealing with chronic nausea and pains in my abdomen. I’ve had suspicions that my gall bladder; which had gone quiet for the past several years, was once again going on a rampage. After the weekend I’ve had, along with my Liver tests being abnormal once again, I’m certain it needs to come out. I’ll be calling my GP first thing tomorrow morning, you can be sure.

In the meantime, I’ve written 1541 words and expect there will be 300-500 more before it’s finished. Will that be this week? I’m not sure at this point. To be honest, I feel awful. I’m struggling to remember the simplest of tasks, including when to take my medications and which ones. So it’s time to take care of me (and other high priority responsibilities) until further notice! I hope that once I’m better blogging will return normal too (write now about 2-3 posts a week is all I can handle).